The Best Dash Cam for Your vLogging

Best Dash Cam for VLogging

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VLog Your Miles

GoPros, DSLRs, Selfie Drones, and Smart Phones are all great for VLogging, but what’s the best dash camera for Vlogging from your car?

In this how-to guide we’re going to review how to determine the most important features you’ll want to include when you buy a dash cam for Vlogging.

Quick Tip: Our favorite dash cam for VLogging is the Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam (see N2 Pro images and benefits below)

Best Dash Cam for VLogging - Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash CamI. VLogger Features

Now, regardless of what you’re VLogging about there are a few key features, every VLogger will want their dash cam to have.

We’ll point your search in the right direction but first, let’s discuss features you’ll want to look for.

  1. High-Quality Video – If you’re creating a video to post on YouTube, then you’ll want the quality of the video recorded on your dash cam to match the rest of your media. A dash cam that records at 1080P or 2K and 30 FPM is perfect.
  2. Record Audio – Many dash cams will record sound but similar to a smartphone or DSLR camera, you’ll want to set up an external lavalier microphone. So look for a dash cam with a jack for an external microphone.
  3. Multiple Lenses – There are a few dash cams that have multiple lenses so you can have a lens pointing toward the front of your vehicle and the second lens pointing towards the driver or the interior cab. Each lens is attached to a separate DVR and can be operated from a single start and stop button.

If you’re wondering what other features are available on dash cams and what they do, then here’s a basic dash cam guide to help you determine what you want.

Best Dash Cam for VLogging - Amazon ChoiceZero Results…

We’re guessing that by now you’ve probably reviewed bunches of dash cams looking for the right camera for your VLogging.

We know what that can be like, especially if you need a specific type of lens or video quality.

Amazon is great but it’s overwhelming when you don’t know where to start your search.

Yuck, this sucks!

When we search for dash cams for Vloggers on Amazon we get a page that says…

We found 0 results for “dash cams for Vloggers” 

That was followed by a list sponsored Ads…

No problem, we’ll help fix that.

II. Review Bestsellers

We have a bestseller list for anyone that really wants to install a dash cam for VLogging. Now, it’s time to pick your camera and get it on order so you can install it before the next trip you make. That way you can turn the content into a VLog post. Go ahead and click on a list to start your search…

Best Dual Dash Cam for VLoggingWhy The Right VLogger Dash Cam Matters

Now that we’ve covered all the neat features and have shown you our bestsellers, it’s time for you to narrow the selection down to the best dash camera for your VLogging needs.

Imagine all the new content you’ll be able to add to your VLog when you can start including video of your trips and vacations.

Even if you’re just driving across town to the market, there’s bound to be something interesting that happens that you’ll be able to include on your VLog.

Our guide on dash cams for motorcycle touring has YouTube videos of a VLogger that records all his road trips. This is actually one of our most watched embedded videos. It gets watched over and over.

III. Create Viral Content

Now, on the other hand, if you decide to keep researching cameras for a few more days or weeks, then you’ll just have to hope you don’t miss out on something wonderful happening that you could have recorded.

Something that could have gone viral…

So as we wrap up this guide, let’s review what we covered.

  1. First, we determined that you are a VLogger in search of a dash camera so you can start including video of you commutes on you VLog.
  2. Then, we reviewed important features a VLogger might want their dash cam to have such as high-quality video recording, a jack for an external microphone, and multi-lens for recording the outside and inside of your vehicle.
  3. And finally, we gave you a list of dash cam bestsellers for VLogging from a motorcycle, semi truck, motorhome, or a car.

Final Tip: Our favorite dash cam for VLogging is the Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

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