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Record IMPORTANT Moments on VIDEO when they Happen on the Road…

We help to make finding the Best Dash Camera simple so you can quickly feel safe, create awesome vLogs or just record for fun while you’re driving…

When you have a Dash Cam, you don’t have to remember the details because they’re recorded on video.

And this is why more and more commercial and recreational vehicles, Uber and Lyft, and commuters all around us have a dash cam rolling at all times.

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Best Dash Cam to Get (Easy Choice for Beginners)

Best Dash Cam To GetMaybe you’re a newbie and just looking for a dash cam to get so you can record memories for your own personal video library. Nothing too fancy, but good quality…


Family videos like the one at the top of this page are always fun to watch. That’s why having videos of all your long trips would add to your library is a timeless thing to have.


Not to mention, if something interesting happens on the road you would record it, too.


In the 1st How-To Guide, we’ll discuss the key features of the best dash cam to get for your vehicle. Read Now

Best Dash Cameras for Your Protection (Feel Safe)

Best Dash Cam for Protection

Are you here today searching for a dash cam because you want to feel secure? Something low cost that provides video evidence if someone crashing into you…


You want something more than words to defend yourself in court…


This is only one reason why someone might want a dash cam for protection. All you need to do is watch the nightly news and you’ll find more cases when someone’s dash cam came in handy.


In this 2nd How-To Guide, we’ll discuss the key features of the best dash cam for your protection. Read Now

Best Dash Cameras for vLogging (Create Content)

Best Dash Cam for VLoggingWe can also help you find the best dash cam for vLogging your road trips. Nothing to expensive but good for creating VLog content…


Look, we know that nowadays vLogging is popular and personal video are hot on YouTube.  People are becoming overnight celebrities with videos about them.


Heck, posting a video of a trip to Disneyland could go viral and get you millions of views and followers, not to mention that sponsors will pay you to talk about their products.


It’s amazing how many people love to watch vLog videos about normal life, create your own reality TV episodes that include your trips and commutes.


And in the 3rd How-To Guide, we’ll discuss the key features of the best dash cam for VLoggers. Read Now

Popular Dash Cams

We see which dash cameras people like most and want to save you time by sharing this important information with our guests.


YI Vs. Rexing V1


Best Dash Camera Under 50 Dollars

Best Dash Camera Under 100 Dollars

Both BESTSELLERS are superior cameras in their price range…


First, we have the YI Dash Cam which is our most popular dash camera under $50. If you’re just starting off, then the YI is a low-cost choice that will work well for recording casual road trips and work commutes.


And second, we have the Rexing V1 Dash Cam which is our most popular dash cam under $100. The Rexing V1 is a higher priced camera because it has more advanced features such as higher-quality video, heat resistant capacitor, discreet recording.


These extra features make the V1 better suited for vlogging and creating movies for social media. But if you’re only looking for the basics then the YI works fine.

Bestseller Lists and Reviews

What Makes BestDashCameras.com Different?

BestDashCameras.com guides and reviews are specially created to teach you which dash cams are the best options for specific uses.

People who have used our guides and bestseller lists to buy a dash camera are already recording. But how would you know unless you see our lists for yourself?

The alternative is you can go ahead and keep bouncing are the Internet from review blog to review blog or sifting through 100s of product pages on Amazon.

Even with their custom filters it still seems to take you hours and most likely our guides and lists will show you the same results in far less time.

Why does it have to be so hard to buy a dash cam, right?

It doesn’t…

Remove the Confusion

At BestDashCameras.com we work hard to make it easy to find dash camera gear that fits your budget and use case.

Using an algorithmic system, our researcher has done hours of research to created guides and bestseller lists so you’re not wasting time or getting frustrated trying to buy a dash camera. Why?

Because we understand how it feels to go through page after page of lists of dash cameras that all seem like the same device, except for the name and price.

Using our guides will take you straight to winners with the best prive, ratings and reviews.

What Are You Waiting For?

Picture yourself unboxing your dash cam in the next few days because you finally found what you were looking for.

  1. Safety – Now, you can finally start feeling secure while driving in busy traffic.
  2. Fame – If you’re a vlogger, then you can add new unique content to your VLog and YouTube videos that energize your channel.
  3. Fun – And finally, your home videos can now include all the fun you have on those long trips and vacations.

Who knows, imagine if you get lucky and record a BIG event that goes viral or end up on the nightly news…

Take the Next Step…

We’ve covered a lot, the next step is to start with our Dash Cam Basics Guide and learn more about the different features such as night vision, wide angle lenses, motion detection, etc. so you know which are the best dash cameras for you…