Top 11 Whistles & Bells: Dash Camera Basic Features Guide (Beginner Level)

Easy DashCam BasicsEasy DashCam Basics

So you’ve decided to buy a DasCam and now you’re wondering which one is the best, right?

Well, that would depend on how you plan to use your DashCam

For example, if you only plan to use it for commuting to work or creating video as you drive around town, then the best DashCam to get is one that has most of the basic features I’m going to cover below.

What you’ll learn:

In this Basic Dash Camera Feature Guide you’ll quickly learn about 11 basic whistles and bells found on most New Dash Cameras these days.

Ready? Let’s get going…

#1 – Full HD – The first whistle you’ll want your Dash Camera to have is 1080P Full HD. Gone are the days of 720P video and now video technology is high-high definition. Make sure any camera you look at comes equipped with Full HD.

#2 – Wide Angle Recording is also a must have feature for a dash camera to have. You want at least 120 degrees or better to capture the full width of the road as you’re driving. This will also allow for capturing side medians.

#3 – Audio Recording is important too so that you can narrate the video as you drive. Some new models even capture sound outside the vehicle. Read reviews because some dashcams have poor audio recording.

car dash camera guide#4 – Micro SD Card support for storing video content, 64 GB is best, especially for long trips. Micro SD cards allow you to remove the card and insert it into your computer or your cell phone for easy replay.

#5 – Battery Life is extremely important so make sure any dashcam you consider has details on battery life. Read the reviews to see what verified customers say about battery life. How long does a charge last? Also, is it easy to recharge? And how long it takes to recharge? Some new dashcams now come with capacitors instead of batteries. Make sure to read reviews before buying…

#6 – Screen Size is a key feature. Average dashcam screen size is 2.7 inches but some models have much larger screens and you’ll obviously pay more for a bigger screen.

#7 – G-Sensor measures G Force in 3 dimensions to capture impact if you’re in an accident. This is not a must have but most dashcams now come with a G-Sensor as a standard feature. Basically any vibration can tip the ‘on’ switch.

#8 – GPS Tracking allows satellite tracking of vehicle when the camera is rolling. This is a cool feature that can be used with Google Maps.Beginner guide on dash cams

#9 – Night Vision for recording when there’s low light. This is important for long trips, especially when the trip extends from day time into the evening.

#10 – Software Apps for downloading your videos onto your computer or cell phone. Or for managing the dashcam remotely.

#11 – Built-in-Wifi is optional. Although WiFi comes in a lot of higher end dash cameras to allow uploading video to the cloud or for allowing remote control of the camera via a cell phone. A nice to have feature if you want more control and have the budget…

Dash Camera Basic Features Guide (Beginner Level)

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