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Not All Dash Cams Make Our [BEST] List…

BestDashCameras.com values your time and wants you to be happy with your NEW dash cam. And that’s why we only post reviews of what we determine are the (BEST) cameras.

That said, we do use a subjective process of vetting dash cams with our own algorithm to decide which cameras end up on our BESTSELLER lists.

Here’s the first thing you should know when doing your research.

First, dash cameras are called by many names, A.K.A.: DashCam, Dashboard Camera, CarCam, Car Camera, Dual Dash Cam and much more that will show up in your searches.

Second, the 3 keys to think about when deciding which camera to buy. Price. Use Cases. Features.

No #1Prices start under $25 and go up from there into the $100s based on model and brand.

No #2Use Cases are Unlimited but for starters – here’s a few: safely, Movie Making, Memories and anything else you want to do with your cam.

No #3Features are Limitless – Night recording, HD, Dolby, GPS, Removable Storage, Cloud, WiFi, Apps, Dual Cameras and so much more. Read more about features in our beginner’s guide.

Third, that gives you a starting point to begin your shopping…

More About Best Dash Cameras

Best Dash Cameras is a NEW review site – and yes, we do make commissions on the items we link to on Amazon.

But let’s be honest, it’s not much and we don’t make a living on it. Our real reward comes from helping people find great products at the best price. Why?

How else will we be able to gain your Trust, Tweets, Links and Referrals?

Here’s Our Secret Algorithm.

Our data-driven process uses expensive software tools that query Amazon’s own customer data via an API to find which products are best.

You may have seen the “BESTSELLER” label on some of the list pages on Amazon. Well, we go deeper than that.

We spend hours (and I do mean hours crunching data) to see examine how many sales, price margins, how many reviews, the ranking of the seller, rating of the product, etc.


And that’s not all…

Then we’ll spend more time reading the reviews to see what customers are ranting or raving about because we want to know how people feel about their purchase.

Is it a lemon or a deal?

In the final step of our process, we put the: Data Results, Customer Sentiment, and Trust Rating together and review only the dashcams we think and feel are the best products.

All this work is for our customers! And we promise to continue making our rating process better for YOU.

Amazon Affiliate

Yes, Best Dash Cameras is an Amazon Affiliate and does get paid commissions for anything you buy when clinking our links – but it’s small when compared to your trust.

On every page, at the bottom left you can see our honesty disclosure…


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