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Protect Yourself

If you’ve been thinking about installing a dash cam because you want to feel safe when driving in traffic then please keep reading.

We agree it’s a smart idea having a DVR recording just in case someone ever wrecks into you while you’re driving to work or even just driving to the market a few miles away.

Streets are getting more and more crowded with traffic going in all directions. Everywhere you look when you’re on the road, it’s bumper to bumper motorcycles, cars, trucks, and semi trucks that are jockeying for position.

In this how-to guide, we’ll give you a plan to help you decide which dash is best for you…

Quick Tip: Our favorite low-cost camera for protection is the YI Dash Cam (see YI images and benefits below)…

Best Dash Cam for Protection - YI Dash CamI. Protection Features

At a minimum, add these 4 features to your checklist when comparing dash cams.

  1. Wide Angle Lens – you’ll want a dash cam with a wide angle lens so you can record traffic on the lanes to your left and right.
  2. G-Sensor – Having a dash cam with a G-Sensor is especially handy if someone hits your vehicle from any direction. The sensor will detect the impact and start recording if for some reason the camera is not turned on.
  3. Night Vision – Most dash cams have the ability to record at night but some are better than others. You’ll want to read reviews careful as you screen cameras to make sure the camera you choose is good at recording in low light or in the dark.
  4. Motion Detection – Dash Cams with motion detection can sense when something or someone is in their field of vision and the camera will start recording.

When these 4 features are combined together, you’ll be able to record at night, and while your vehicle is moving or parked. That way if anyone is near your vehicle or bumps it – one of the sensors will activate the DVR and with the wide angle lens, you’ll record more area per frame of video.

Now, as you start to review different cameras you’ll want to make sure your checklist includes these features.

II. Review Bestsellers

Look, there’s is a bestseller list for anyone that really wants to find and install a dash cam. Now, its time to pick a camera and get it ordered so you can get it installed before the next close call isn’t just a close call. So go ahead and click on a list…

Why Having a Dash Cam is Smart

The road has turned into an ocean of vehicles and at any moment any one of them could cut you off or someone next to you and cause an accident that involves you.

Be honest, you think about this happening every time you get behind your steering wheel or handlebars.

But every time you visit BestBuy, Walmart or Amazon, you get overwhelmed by all the dash cam choices, right?

All you want to do is install the best dash cam for your safety just in case you’re ever in an accident. But it’s crazy how many choices and options there are to read through. We have an easy beginner’s guide if you’d like to learn more about all the different dash cam features.

Close Calls On Crowded Roads

Months have gone by and you’ve already had multiple close calls that have made you feel troubled for taking so long to install a dash cam.

Why can’t be easy to pick a dash cam, right?

We’ve all been there, especially if you like to shop online. You type in a search term and get 100’s of results. Then you have to go to each product page, one by one.

On we understand how frustrating this can be so we’ve researched the best dash cams for anyone that only wants to record videos for their protection when they driving around town or to work.

All some people want is something simple, cheap, and easy to install. And that’s why our researcher has created the follow bestsellers lists.

Dash Cam of SafetyIII. Start Recording

We help people all of the time researching dash cams.

So many of our guests end up unboxing a dash cam in just a few days after reviewing our guides and bestselling lists.

You can also be one of those happy people, especially if it makes you feel safe and protected knowing that you’ll be recording your commutes in busy traffic.

As we conclude, let’s review the steps.

  1. First, we covered why it’s a good idea to install a dash cam for protection if you drive in busy cities or bumper to bumper traffic.
  2. Second, we showed you how easy it is to review and find dash cameras for any type of vehicle using our bestselling lists.
  3. Third, it’s time to decide which is the best dash cam for your vehicle. Then get it ordered and installed,  so you’re protected.

Final Tip: Our favorite low-cost camera for protection is the YI Dash Cam

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