Accfly Dash Cam Full HD DVR

Accfly Dash Cam

Accfly Dash Cam

In today’s crazy world of bad drivers or bad cops, you need to have your own video just in case something goes wrong…

We’ve all seen the news clips, it can happen to anyone in any town or city. Just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A dash cam may not stop the madness but it sure as heck will cover your behind.

First off, Remember, HD Video Speaks Louder Than Words…

It’s a jungle out there. The road you drive on is a hectic place and you never can tell when buying a car dashcam will come in useful. Imagine how just driving to the market or work can quickly change into an adventure worth capturing on video. Don’t wait until something happens to start recording, do it now and then you be ready!

A bizarre situation takes place directly before your car but no problem because you’ll be prepared and capture the moment on video!

Hopefully, you’ll never need it, but if something ever happens you’ll be ready.

Now let’s check out the Accfly Dash Cam…

What we have here is an Accfly™ Full HD 1080P Car DVR recorder WIFI APP support IOS & Android system – Dashboard Dash-Cam with Parking Monitor Mini Video Camera with wide angle 170 degrees G-Sensor ACC power. Dang, does this thing change the oil too?

Top Features:

  • 1.The Accfly car DVR recorder can be installed on the windshield below the rearview mirror, hiding it from sight and providing a clear view of the driver. The 170-degree super wide angle lens also provides a superior field of view, clearly recording every detail of your drive with motion detection and loop recording functions.
  • 2.The Accfly car DVR recorder is controlled by your smartphone or tablet, allowing users to view, configure, and download HD video through WIFI in real time. The software is compatible with iPhone, iOS, and Android. No more struggling with low-quality camera screens and confusing buttons!
  • 3.Enhance your vehicle safety with the parking monitoring function. This mode enables video recording if the motion is detected even if you turn your car off.
  • 4.No internal battery, no danger of battery explosions! The Accfly car DVR is powered directly by your car’s battery and is great for hot and sunny environments.
  • 5.The Accfly car DVR is small, easily concealable, and universally compatible with your car.

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Accfly Dash Cam Best Price


Resolution: 1080P/720P
Video Angle: 170 – degree wide Angle
Video formats: H. 264 compression, *. MOV
Video footage: 1/3/5 minutes
Video mode: loop video, automatic coverage/motion detection
Video signal: NTSC/PAL
The microphone: support (the default open)
Memory: support 2 ~ 32 GB, CLASS 6 above( No include memory card)
Power supply mode: ACC ignition start-up
Battery: no battery, more secure, no explosion
Language: the multinational language (default) in English
Timestamp: ON/OFF
Video playback: read memory card PC ;
download the video from WIFI mode, view via phone
Temperature range: From -35 to 75 degrees

Package Including:
1x Car WIFI Camera
1x ACC Power cable With Video Cable
1x Menu

Q1,How do i view the video?
A:1.You can take out TF card to play on the computer.
2. You can download the video to view by phone, download video does not consume your phone traffic.
3. You can connect car recorder to monitor or GPS navigation and enter the manual mode to playback video.

Q2,About Parking monitor function, how can I use?
A: When your car is turned off, you can open the car recorder, the camera will record automatically.

Q3, if I forgot to turn the Parking monitor function, how to do?
A: Please No worry, this machine with an impact sensor recording. when someone hit your car, the camera will automatically start recording, to ensure that vehicles in the monitoring.


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