Lukas LK-7200 CUTY 1080p Full HD Car Dashboard Camera and Video Recorder with GPS, 64GB

Lukas Dash Cam

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Lukas Dash Cam
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We know how you feel. It’s a crowded town to drive in and you don’t know when having a car dashcam will come in convenient. Imagine how just driving to the market can without warning morph into a life changing event worth recording.

A terrific event can take place right in front of your vehicle and you’ll be fortunate to be there and record the moment of sheer terror with your Lukas LK-7200 CUTY car dashcam!

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What we have here is a Lukas LK-7200 CUTY 1080p Full HD Car and Video Recorder with GPS, 64GB. Wow, does this tech do it all or what?

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Best Features:

  • Prevents battery discharge by cutting off power when the battery hits a pre-set voltage
  • Full HD 1080p video
  • Powerful Auto Exposure function enables vivid recordings in low-light environments
  • Broad 125-degree viewing angle
  • Inludes UV Filter to provide clear and natural images

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Key Benefits About The Lukas Dash Cam

The Lukas LK-7200 Series offers a wide variety of recording options. Continuous Recording records 3-minute video continuously while the engine is on. Motion Detection Recording records and saves 30-second video (previous 10 seconds/post 20 seconds) from the moment of motion detection. Event Recording begins recording when the G-sensor detects sudden changes or impacts like accidents; records 30-second video (previous 10 seconds/post 20 seconds). Emergency (Manual) Recording records a 30-second video (previous 10 seconds/post 20 seconds) once you press the manual recording button. The LK-7200 Series Smart Functions include a built-in, high-sensitivity GPS, G-Sensor, Smart Car DVR with switchable settings from Driving to Parking modes, bright and blinking security LED, built-in high-quality mic, and excellent durability to continue recording through a wide range of temperatures (-4° F – 158° F). The LK-7200 also features a built-in Super Capacitor battery so that even when the power is cut-off by an accident or mistake, the camera will safely save the current recording. Package includes: camera, continuous power cable, memory card, user manual, fixing clips/adhesive tapes, and UV filter.


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