DOD TECH LS Series LS360W Sony Exmor Powered Full HD Dash Camera Dashcam with WDR Technology


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Overload… Way too many great dash mounted cams to select from and deciding which one to purchase is driving you crazy, right?

No problem, can help you find just the DashCam you’re searching for today.

Hey, here’s why you need a dash cam:

We know how you feel. It’s a crazy place and you don’t know when owning a will come in handy. Heck, just driving to work can unexpectedly become a life changing event worth capturing on video.

An amazing event can take place right before your eyes and you’ll be fortunate to be there and record the moment of sheer terror with your DOD TECH LS Series LS360W dash cam!

Do you still want to buy a dash cam? Of course you do.

Now let’s check out this badboy you found…

What we have here is a DOD TECH LS Series LS360W Sony Exmor Powered Full HD Dash Camera Dashcam with WDR Technology. Dang, does this thing do everything?

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Top Features:

  • Full HD 1080P Video Recording with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Image Enhancement
  • Utilizes Sony EXMOR Image Sensor for optimal video recording quality
  • Exceptional night video quality by combining a Japan-made f/1.6 camera lens with WDR Technology
  • Optional GPS Logging (With Optional DOD DG50A GPS Antenna)
  • Automatic protects video recording in progress triggered by built-in G force sensor

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Top Benefits About The DOD TECH LS Dash Cam

Capture your environment at a level never before achieved in dash cameras. The DOD LS360W is now equipped with a new Sony Exmore Image Sensor. A 20% larger sensor size captures more light and reduces noise. Add a new A8+ sensor which boosts the maximum ISO to 3200 which extends the low light capability and reduces motion blurring at night. The Japanese made 6-element lens returns to create a sharp and well defined image. The LS360W is tailored to your needs with the optional GPS and provides the footage you need under the most challenging of conditions.


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