YI Smart Dash Camera Car DVR Night Vision HD 1080P Gray

YI Smart Dash Cam

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YI Smart Dash Camera

There’s so many great dashboard cams available with whistles and bells to select from in today’s market and we know deciding on one to get is not easy, right?

No problem because dash cams are our passion at BestDashCameras.com

Look, here’s why you should really consider this Dash Cam:

It’s a jungle out there. The road you drive on is a busy place and you don’t know when owning a carcam will come in handy. OMG, have you been watching the news – commuting to work or school can unexpectedly turn into an adventure worth remembering every detail.

An amazing event can happen right before your eyes and you’ll be fortunate to be there and video the moment of unbelief with your dashcam!

After reading this do you still want to buy a dash camera? Of course you do.

Now let’s check out this bad boy you found…

What we have here is a YI Smart Car DVR Night Vision HD 1080P, Gray. Dang, does this cam wash dishes too?

Top Features:

  • The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) – the most advanced and optimized visual recognition algorithms ensure safe driving by providing real time Lane Departure
  • Emergency recording feature – Enabled by G-sensor technology, the camera automatically saves footage in the events leading up to a collision and immediately after
  • High Definition Image and First-class Night vision – 1920x1080p 60fps high speed video recording captures fast moving scenes and creates high resolution images in high speed
  • Features 165¡ã ultra wide-angle to reduce blind spots and obtain full 3 lane coverage. F1.8 apertures (the largest in the industry) and 3.0¦Ìmx3.0¦Ìm high sensitivity image sensors guarantee excellent night vision
  • Built – in 2.7″ TFT LCD widescreen and intuitive YI App – The interface features large buttons and user-friendly icons for quick recognition and intuitive operation

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Best Benefits About The YI Smart Dash Cam

The YI Smart Dash Camera combines the top features of all the dash cameras on the market and provides protection to you and your car with ultimate performance and affordability. Designed with Advanced Driver Assistance System ADAS, the camera analyzes data such as speed and the distance from the car in front and gives voice warnings in case you move off-lane or get too close to another vehicle. YI Smart Dash Camera supports 1920x1080p full HD at 60fps, 2304x1296p ultra high-definition at 30 fps, bright, clear and sharp images even at high speed.


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