G1W C DashCam Spy Tec STI_G1W-C Full HD 1080P Capacitor Edition (Black)

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g1w c

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Spy Tec STI G1W-C Dash Cam

100s of low priced dash cams to select from and I bet picking which one to get is driving you insane, right?

No problem, is here to help you because DashCams are our passion…

Why you need a G1W C DashCam:

The road is a busy place and you never can tell when buying a DashCam will come in handy. Heck, just commuting across town can unexpectedly morph into an adventure worth capturing on video.

A crazy situation can occur directly before your eyes and you’ll be lucky to be there and record the moment of insanity with your G1W C DashCam!

Now let’s check out this badboy you found…

What we have here is a Spy Tec STI_G1W C Full HD 1080P Capacitor Edition Dashcam (Black). Nice.

Spy Tec STI_G1W C Sample Video

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Powerful Features:

  • 1080P full HD video & audio recording | 120 wide angle lens
  • Authentic G1W-C: Novatek NT96650 + Aptina AR0330
  • Supports 64GB micro SD card (not included)
  • Capacitor based model, no battery
  • 2.7″ full HD video screen

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Best Benefits About This CarCam

The G1W is widely regarded as the best , in terms of cost versus features, by camera users and reviewers alike. If you are not familiar with the key features and specs of the G1W: the G1W gives you astounding 1080p video quality, audio and visual recording capability, an accessible 2.7” screen for immediate playback and viewing, and up to 64GB in storage. Best of all, it gives you all these features and more for a startlingly low price tag that comes out to less than 60$. While the G1W-C packs all of the G1W’s recording power and impressive price point, it distinguishes itself by employing a capacitor instead of a battery.


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