Cobra CDR 840 Drive HD Dash Cam Camera GPS 8GB Memory 1080p Collision Detection

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Cobra CDR 840

We know there’s a lot of dashboard cameras on the market that have too many confusing features it’s hard to pick which one to buy, right?

The Cobra CDR 840 is different, it’s simple and easy to use, powerful.

And here’s probably why you want a dash cam in the first place…

It’s a jungle out there.

The road you drive on is a crowded place and you never know when having a Cobra dash cam will come in handy. Imagine how just commuting across town alone or with your family can quickly turn into a dangerous trip worth recording.


A bizarre situation can occur directly in front of your eyes and you’ll be fortunate to be there and capture the crazy event with your dash camera!

Does that make you feel safe and sound like what you want?

Now let’s check out this simple camera you found…

What we have here is a Cobra CDR 840 Drive HD Dash Cam Camera GPS 8GB Memory 1080p Collision Detection. BAM, does this gadget do everything?

Key Features:

  • 1080P full HD records everything you see in 1080P full HD video
  • Internal GPS Embeds exact location and time in every recording. Free PC software allows you to view along with location and G-Sensor information
  • 1.5 inches LCD screen Additional video playback on your TV or computer
  • 118 degrees viewing angle Crystal clear video that matches Drive HDs best performance identifying license plates at long ranges
  • Easy installation Includes an 8GB MicroSD memory card so the unit is ready out-of-the-box

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Top Benefits About The Cobra Dash Cam CDR 840

Like I said early, the road is a wild place, where anything can happen… Anything! Which is why it’s a good idea to record your ride with the Drive HD Dash Cam by Cobra. Now, you’ve got evidence. Unbelievably funny footage of family trips. And all kinds of other great videos to watch and share. Never miss a moment again with the Cobra Dash Cam CDR 840.


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Cobra Dash Cam
Cobra CDR 840 Drive HD Dash Cam Camera GPS 8GB Memory 1080p Collision Detection
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